Monday, March 27, 2017

'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars' Is Not The Game We Had Hoped For (Game Review)

Aye yi yi... where to begin... Power Rangers: Legacy Wars (for iOS and Android) by developers nWay, was released around the world this past week and I think many were surprised about the actual gameplay mechanics. It's not that Legacy Wars is necessarily a bad game, it's just not the game I, at least, had hoped for.

When this game was first announced as a Power Rangers fighting game where you can fight Rangers against each other. I thought awesome. From the trailer, the game looked something along the lines of Tekken or Street Fighter and it even had good graphics. Well, that was too good to be true.

'Power Rangers: Legacy Wars' is actually more closer to a card based game than a fighting game. Apart from slowly moving backwards or forward, users can only fight from three random fighting move buttons. There is quick attacks, slow winding attacks, and a block, all randomly determined by the game. These moves also use up energy which you slowly gain from a counting timer. To win, you'll need to use strategy, along with a lot of luck. It really takes the fun out of a fighting game.

Also, the game is unbalanced and while you'll most likely get paired against a random player who has a similar rank to yourself, one of you will probably be at an handicap. Your HP (health points) will not be even against other players. Because the game enables you to upgrade Rangers, their moves, and build your strongest team. This can make games seem unfair. You'll need to put in a lot more work (strategy and luck) to beat a much stronger opponent.

Speaking about Ranger teams, the roster of Rangers, from what I can see is only around 20-something unique and it really makes the game feel like it's lacking. The game is so dumb that it actually doubles itself up on Rangers. You see, there are two types of Rangers; Leaders and Assist. You can only play as leader Rangers and can only add assist Rangers to help out in battle. So to play as a certain Ranger, you'll need to unlock them as a leader. And this can be a very slow and random process.

Oh and those looking forward to playing as the original Mighty Morphin Green Ranger, be ready to pay up! Tommy Oliver / the Green Ranger isn't actually shown to be unlockable in the game (currently) and he is only unlockable if you purchase him using real money to purchase a pack when offered to you. The first time the game wanted $15 and then a second, "last chance" offered him for $8. Yeah... maybe if this game was different and actually good, I'd consider, but no, this game, the way it is, isn't getting any of my money.

You can't play as the Ranger team you want to. Instead, to win, you'll need to use whoever the strongest Rangers are that the game gives you. So much for building your dream Power Ranger team.

The only thing this game has going for it is, you can play as much as you want. There is no energy meter limiting you to how often you can play. But instead, the limitations are on how often the game gives you items to unlock and the very slow process of unlocking them.

Stages and levels: There are currently 6 different stages you can play on. The Training Pit, Angel Grove, Zedd's Thorne Room, the Dino Lab, Shiba Grove, and Rooftops. Oh and once you past a level, you can no longer play at that stage again. Another disappointment.

While this game has many flaws and issues, including bugs like your player hovering above the ground for the entire match, or your controls suddenly stop working, or the game for no reason ending in a draw. It's not a bad game. However, there is a lot of room for improvements. It's just that this is not the game that I believe many people, including myself, would of liked to see. Honestly, I could of designed a much better game. One that players would love, would keep going back to, and would want to spend money on.

Here's how I would of made Power Rangers Legacy Wars:

- First, this game has a TV and Movie of heaps of cool characters at its disposal. It should use it better. The game should use a collection method and building and completing teams approach to keep players engaged, along with the ability to fight other players.

- I'd make the game a real fighting game. It would have buttons to kick and punch, and a special move button. Combinations of buttons create special combo moves. You'd be able to move up, down, left and right, and block.

- Players would still receive items to collect and unlock Power Rangers. They would be able to build teams of their favorite Rangers. All teams would be equal and would there'd be no handicaps. Players would instead need to use their skills of timing and fighting strategy to win.

- There would be different stage backgrounds to unlock. Once unlocked, you can choose different stages to play on whenever you want.

- You'd be able to play against anyone! Play against your friends, or random players.

- Receive coins and items by logging in daily. Lose / win coins by battling other players. Use coins to buy new Rangers and items. Rangers would have energy levels and Items can be used to recharge their HP.

Well, that's my idea anyway.

To recap, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars has its faults. But it's not all bad. It's just not the 'fighting game' that it should of been. Instead it's a 'card' controlled fighting game that makes you frustrated that you can't move like you want to.

You can download Power Rangers Legacy Wars and give it a try for yourself, for free, from the Apple iTunes or Google Play app stores.

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  1. Power rangers are my favourite cartoons and now the game looks awesome. The graphics seem little weak but its okay if you have a great game to play.


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