Sunday, March 26, 2017

Instagram, Your Notifications Are Dumb

Have you ever looked at your phone and saw an Instagram notification and don't remember ever hearing a sound or vibrate to alert you? Well, that's because Instagram doesn't have sound alerts.

It made sense that you might not want hundreds of alerts sounding from likes of your recent photo, but ever since Instagram copied added the Live Videos feature, their notifications fall short.

Even with the setting on for 'Live' notifications, Instagram still doesn't actually alert you.  Yes, you'll receive the notification on your screen, but without any sound or vibration, you will most likely miss that Live stream (unless you have nothing better to do than be constantly on your phone) and they don't save for later, either.

So Instagram, fix your app. Add some sounds. At least for Live videos. Oh, and where's that iPad app?! It's 2017. Use some of your billions to create some quality.

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  1. I am not the big fan of Instagram as I do prefer other social apps on Instagram. But, yeah I have listened that Instagram's notifications are dumb


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