Wednesday, February 8, 2017

How To Create A Windows 10 Boot Disc On Mac in macOS Sierra

If you are installing Windows 10 on an older Mac with a Optical Disc Drive, you'll need to create a Windows 10 Boot Disc, as Apple has disabled the ability to Boot from USB on older Mac's and you'll receive a error saying; "No Bootable Device Found. Insert Boot Disk and Press Any Key".  On newer Mac's, all that is required to install Windows via Bootcamp on a macOS is the Windows ISO file and a blank USB Flash Drive of at least 8GB.

To create a Windows 10 Boot Disc on a Mac (macOS Sierra), follow these steps. 

1. First thing you'll need, if you don't have it, is the Windows 10 ISO file. Head over to the Windows Software Download section on their webpage and then select edition "Windows 10" and click confirm. Then select your language and click confirm again. Now you'll have the option of 32bit or 64bit. Download the one that's right for your Mac. If you're not sure, basically any Mac newer than 2006 is a 64bit.

2. After you've downloaded the ISO file, you will now need to create a boot disc (if you have an older Mac with an optical drive). You'll need a blank DVD disc for this. Next, open the 'Disk Utility' program.

3. In Disk Utility, on the Mac menubar click: 'Images' then 'Convert'. Locate where you saved the Windows 10 download file, select it and click open. Rename the file, choose where you want to save the new file you're creating, leave Encryption to 'none', then on Image Format; choose 'DVD/CD master' from the dropdown menu and click 'Save'. You will now be creating a Windows 10 CDR file.

4. After the CDR file is created, you'll now need to burn this file to a DVD disc. Simply Control+Click the file and select "Burn Disk Image To Disc". Insert your blank DVD and continue to burn the file to the disc.

5. After the DVD is finished burning, you'll now have your Windows 10 Boot Disc! If you are installing Windows on your Mac through Bootcamp, check out Apple's Bootcamp install instructions on their Support Site for further steps.

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