Sunday, January 22, 2017

Apps-Reviewed Wants You! Guest Bloggers Wanted

We know here at Apps-Reviewed, that everyday people are the real stars. It's your opinions that really matter. That why we want you! That right, Apps-Reviewed wants your app reviews! We want real, honest reviews from real people like you.

We are looking for guest bloggers. This is a great opportunity for inspiring writers or just an everyday person who wants to share their opinions.

The goal is to have this site feature everyday people, with their real reviews, all-in-one place. And we want to promote you and your site! Hopefully this could even get you a few new fans!

If there is an app you love, or a must have app that you recommend, we want to know. We want your opinions. Your experience with an app. What you love about it. What you don't like. Where you think it might need improvement. Your favorite game or first time experience playing a new game. Maybe a handy tip or trick for iOS. Etc...

You can even submit a video review and we'll post it here and on our YouTube channel!

However, a few things to note (which I will again repeat below). All content that you submit will become the property of Apps-Reviewed (this site and our YouTube channel). You will not receive any pay or any sort of compensation for your work. However, we will promote you alongside your work.

The requirements:
- The review must be in well written / spoken English.
- The review must be 100% your own writing.
- Review must be overall positive and can only contain constructive criticism.
- The app must be currently available on the iTunes App Store.
- You cannot promote your own app.
- Review must be at least 400 words.
- Video reviews must be at least 2 minutes long and no longer than 10 minutes.
- Video reviews must begin with you acknowledging "Apps-Reviewed" e.g.: "Hey, it's (name) here with a review of (app's name) for Apps-Reviewed".
- Videos are to be uploaded to a cloud site like Dropbox and the link then sent to us. We'll upload your video to our YouTube channel with our branding on it.
- You must provide your name and a social media or website link that will be published alongside your article / video.
- You must share and show off your published article / video on your social media and website ;)

Terms and conditions that you must agree to:
- You must be 18 years or older to submit.
- You understand and agree that you will not receive any sort of compensation for your work.
- All submitted work will become the property of App-Reviewed (this site) and you can not use it elsewhere.
- Apps-Reviewed has the right to edit your work in any way we choose.
- Submitted work must be 100% your own original work and you must have the rights to use it.
- There is no guarantee that your submitted review will get chosen.

Still reading? Great! If you'd love to share your app review and have it featured on this site or on our YouTube channel,
Email me your review or link to your video, with all required info and link to the app. If selected, we'll email you back letting you know that we will be featuring your review!




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