Tuesday, January 24, 2017

16 REAL Ways To Make Money Online

There is a lot of scams on the internet telling you that you can make money online. Most of them are trying to sell you a useless product or service. Which, FYI, is how most of these scams make their money - but selling you 'hopes and dreams'. And then there is those sites that you'll waste hours and hours of your life on to make a few cents! Why would you even bother?!  

But! There is real ways that you can make money on the internet. It's not easy, and it does require a lot of time and effort. If you're looking for a overnight success, keep dreaming! 

Making real money online mostly comes down to three things; having a product to sell, or having a skill to offer. Then, the biggest problem will usually be marketing your product or services. It really comes down to website traffic! Which means you'll need quality content. And to make money online, usually you'll need a lot of it. 

16 Ways That You Can Make REAL Money Online:

Write and Publish an eBook

Can you write about a topic really well? Then you may be able to write and publish an eBook.  And thanks to sites like the Amazon Kindle store, Lulu.com, Apple’s iBooks Store... Anyone can write and publish their own books. Marketing your book is another issue, however... 

Test and Review Websites / Apps

www.UserTesting.com pays you to visit a website or an app. Complete a set of tasks, speaking your thoughts out loud. And you’ll get paid $10 for every 20-minute video you complete. 

Create an App

Creating an app is a serious way to make a lot of money these days, that is if your app is done right and goes viral. Making an app is more technical and will require you to either have the skills to code apps or the money to hire someone to create the app for you. But, you never know, your app could be the next Flappy Bird. 

Offer Your Skills On Fiverr

If you have skills like; Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, Writing and Translation, Programming, etc. and you like working for little money, you can offer to perform gigs on www.Fiverr.com. On Fiverr you offer to provide a service, starting at the little price of $5. You can up the price for extra benefits / services.

Fiverr Arbitrage

Another way to use www.Fiverr.com is, if you can find jobs online, eg: a listing on Craigslist or if you build and market a website. You can then outsource the job to Fiverr, then charge the client more than you pay for the job. You’ll basically become the middle man. However there may be a lot of going back and forth, and ultimately you’ll be responsible for the work and it's quality that you supply from Fiverr. 

Compete With Other Artists on 99Designs

If you’re good at Graphic Design, sign up to www.99Designs.com and you can compete with other artists. Find a brief you like, create the artwork, which may be a logo, or website, t-shirt design, book cover, etc. And if your design is chosen, you get paid! I personally don't like this method, because think about, you're competing against other designers, putting in all your time and effort, which may never go anywhere. Great for business, though. 

Sell Your Photos

If you have great photography skills, you can sell your photos online. Sites like; www.ShutterStock.com and www.iStockPhoto.com will pay you when users buy rights to use your images. 

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a big way to make money online. If you don't have a product to sell, you can sign up to sell other people's products and make a commission on every sale that you bring in. For Affiliate Marketing to work, the best way is to have a niche website / blog with lots of traffic. Then, you can review a product that your readers may like to buy. Add in your affiliate link and make money on sales. Some of the best affiliate marking sites to sign up to are: Amazon AssociatesCJ by Conversant, eBay, ClickBankShareASale .... 

Buy and Sell Websites and Apps

www.Flippa.com is a online marketplace where you can buy and sell web businesses, domain names and mobile apps. If you’re looking for an already established website or app, Flippa might be a site you’d want to check out. 

Sell Things On eBay

Set up your own eBay store! You can sell your own products or items or other things that you find and buy from elsewhere. 

Become a YouTube Star

There are many people making a name for themselves and getting rich off of YouTube. Being successful on YouTube will require a lot of time, work and quality content. Unless you become a viral video joke. You'll need a decent camera, some editing skills and a likable personality. If you can do this, it'll be very rewarding. Most YouTubers make their money from advertising, sponsored videos and products. 

According to the Business Insider, top YouTube channels are making millions of dollars a year. Miranda Sings estimated at $5 million in 2016, Tyler Oakley at $6 Million, and of course PewDiePie estimated at a massive $15 million. 

Sell T-Shirt Designs

If you have some art skills and can come up some witty sayings, try selling t-shirt designs! On websites like; Spreadshirt, RedBubble and TeePublic - you can upload your art, add it to some products and then if they sell, you make a commission. They'll handle everything else - you just worry about the art. You can set your own commission price on Spreadshirt, markup percentage on RedBubble, and TeePublic will pay for a standard t-shirt; $4 USD for each sold and $2 USD if they have a storewide sale going.   

Become a Software Bug Bounty Hunter

Do you like hacking and finding bugs in software? Well did you know that you can actually make money legally by finding bugs?! Check out www.bugcrowd.com and www.hackerone.com for more information. 

Create A Computer Program 

If you want to make money with software, firstly you’ll need to know how to code or have the money to pay someone to write the app for you. But more importantly, my tip would be; to stand out and draw some attention, create a program the is a solution for someone else. This could be a program that makes a certain businesses life easier or more efficient. Something that they won’t be able to live without after seeing. 

Sell Digital Goods

If it’s digital, you can sell it. The possibilities are huge when it comes to downloadable files and websites like Sellfy can handle your files. 

Digital files can be just about anything you can imagine; Music, eBooks, Photos, Templates, Videos, Software, and so on.  

With Sellfy, just upload your files and set the price. They’ll handle the payments and sending out the files. For more info, check out Sellfy. 

Freelance Online

There are many sites online where you can freelance yourself out. Fiverr was one mentioned earlier and another similar site is www.Freelancer.com You can find many different jobs, like; Website Development, Web Design, SEO Marketing, Mobile Apps, Article Writing, Logo Design and more, on Freelancer. 

Do you know some other great ways to make money online? Let us know in the comments!


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