Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Best Ad-Blocker For Safari on MacOS

There are so many advertisement blockers out there; Adblock Plus, AdBlock, uBlock, AdBlock Ultimate, Ghostery, Ka-boom... It can be hard to determine which one is best.  

I have tried many and my favorite for Safari on the Mac is: 

Adguard AdBlocker. 

Adguard AdBlocker, like other ad-blockers; blocks advertisements on websites, interstitial ads, floating ads, unwanted pop-ups, banners, text ads, and even those YouTube ads. 

Other useful features include; blocking ad-tracking, protection from malicious ads, website HTML code filtering, and more...

Adguard, also by blocking ads will help speed up webpage loading times and save you some bandwidth and download quota. Plus, did I mention it blocks those annoying ads?! 

Another great feature with Adguard is it uses Apple's new "Content Blocking API", which can work even better and more efficient than other ad-blockers.  

Adguard simplified settings page makes it easy to set up the ad blocker filters that you want to use, choose the security settings that you want, and whitelist your favorite websites that you want to allow ads on.

There has been a few times where an advertisement has gotten through, but a manual update of the ad-filters fixed that problem. Overall, Adguard has been my favorite, for Safari on Mac.

> Download the Adguard AdBlocker Safari Extension from Apple's Extension Gallery. 

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