Tuesday, December 27, 2016

iOS Notification Center Widgets "Unable to Load" Fix

Are your Notification Center Widgets failing to load? And they say something like "Unable to Load"? Frustrating when technology just doesn't work, isn't? This seems to be a bug that has plagued many people since Notification Center widgets were added into iOS, and so far Apple still has not resolved this bug from happening again. And it's not like this is at the fault of 3rd Part Developers, as you can see in the screenshot above, these are all Apple apps that are failing to load!   

So how can we fix this issue... So far, the only solution I have found is to restart your Apple Device. Restarting has worked for me, however it may only be a temporary fix as it may happen again in the future. 

If this is a frequent problem for you, I suggest reporting the issue to Apple. You can do so by heading over to Apple's Product Feedback page, and make sure you select "Bug Report" under Feedback Type heading.  


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