Friday, November 4, 2016

Password Manager LastPass Now Free Across Multiple Devices

Good news everyone! Popular and one of the best password managers, LastPass, is now free across multiple devices!

Before, on their free plan, you could only use LastPass on one type of device. Start on a iPhone, only can use it on iPhone's. Start on a iPad, only use it on iPad's. Ect... Unless of course you upgraded to their Pro plan for $1 a month. Which was very affordable and a reasonable way to support the developers - who are protecting your password's safety, after all.  

But forget that! Because now, you can store your passwords under one master password, keeping them complicated and safe, and sync them across all your devices - for free!

If you didn't want to even pay a dollar to keep your passwords safe, you now no longer have an excuse! 

LastPass is still keeping their Premium features for their paid plan, for $1 a month, which includes; family sharing (up to 5 users), Yubikey and Sesame 2FA options, desktop fingerprint identification, 1GB of encrypted file storage, and priority tech support. 

Alright, enough reading, go download LastPass now, and keep your passwords secure.

> Go to LastPass

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