Saturday, October 1, 2016

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus Hissgate! What To Do If Your iPhone Is Affected!

It wouldn't be an iPhone launch without some sort of issue found with the new iPhone's. The iPhone 4 had the antenna issue, the iPhone 5 Slate color scratched easily, the iPhone 6 Plus bent and now suffers from Touch Disease, and now the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus hisses. 

The issue named by the internet as 'Hissgate', was first made widely known by Stephen Hackett on his blog site 512 Pixels. Stephen writes that he noticed a noise coming from his new iPhone 7 Plus while the iPhone was restoring from iCloud, and that the sound got worse when the iPhone was under load. Since Stephen wrote about this, many others have also claimed that their iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus is also making the noise. 

I too, have the issue with my iPhone 7 Plus. At first, I didn't notice the sound until I saw others complaining online, but surely enough, I raised the back of my iPhone to my ear and I could hear an audible static electricity sound whenever the iPhone was loading anything. It didn't even need to be under a heavy load, simply opening apps, watching a video, or scrolling through Instagram - made the sound. In quite rooms, while using the iPhone, I can now hear the static hissing sound.  Other people I know with an iPhone 7 have no hearable hissing sound emitting from their devices.  No other iPhone or iPad I have ever owned has ever made this sound.

So what exactly is the problem and should you worry about it? Firstly, don't panic, your iPhone is not likely to spontaneously combust into flames. This is an issue that apparently is not new to iPhone's or computers in general. While no-one is 100% sure where the sound is coming from, as Apple has not publicly commented on this, many have their ideas - which include the CPU to more likely the capacitors. This is also known as 'coil whine' with computers - and that's what the iPhone is - a computer - so it makes sense that there'd be some noise, right?   

However, just because this might mean that your iPhone will still function fine, doesn't mean that you should just live with it. A lot of iPhone 7 users say they can't hear anything coming from their iPhone, so this is not a 'feature'. Plus, this could cause other issues, like the sound being picked up on your recored videos - especially since the sound emanates so close to the microphones. Now, it's likely that all iPhone's make 'some' sound, especially when the phone is under a heavy load, like restoring or playing a graphic intense game, it's just most iPhone's are so quite, that you never hear it.

Stephen Hackett writes on his blog post in an update that he contacted AppleCare and they decided to replace his iPhone. Stephen later posted on Twitter that his new iPhone 7 Plus is 100% silent. 

If your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus is one of the 'affected' and if it bothers you (and it should, because this is an expensive device - don't settle for less quality) definitely go to your nearest Apple store (or call Apple if you can't travel to a Apple Store) and get the Geniuses to check it out. They may just replace the iPhone and give you a brand new one, if it's in stock, and just hope that the new iPhone doesn't have the same problem. 

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