Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Easiest Way To Sell Digital Products Online and Make Money - Sellfy Review

I've always felt that selling digital products is the best way to make some extra money or even start a new business! It's the way of the future and the best way to make money while not 'working'! As I've always said, you can literally make money while you sleep! And isn't that really the dream?! 

The best part of your products being digital, is you don't have to worry about innovatory, creating multiples of the same item, or shipping out the product. All you need to do put your time into creating the product once, then you can sell it repetitively!  

Digital products can also be a range of different things; from software, to music and other sounds, eBooks, photos and graphics, movies, templates, and more! 

Of course, once you have created your product, you'll need somewhere to host the file. But then, you don't want to have to send the file to customers or handle payments. You really want as much as automated as you can make it, so you can sit back, relax, and let the money flow in. 

I went looking for a place to sell some files awhile back and the best site I found and still use today, is Sellfy. It really does all the things you'd want. Sellfy is already selling the products of over 100,000 users, and here's why:

With Sellfy, you can: 

- Open a Storefront. You don't even need to have your open webpage. Sellfy will give you a store where you can customize your shop and product pages, which are of course, designed for both mobile and desktop devices. 

- Sell your products anywhere with embed Sellfy buy now buttons, product widgets or you can add your entire store to your website. 

- Upload file sizes of up to 2GB and includes Unlimited bandwidth. 

- Sellfy also has in-depth analytics, so you can see who’s buying your products and learn how they found out about your store.

- Send targeted emails to your customers. You can send upselling offers, product updates and more.

- Professional invoices. 

- PayPal support! The world favorite way to pay online. 

- Low transaction fee of 5% on the free plan and 2% on the Professional plan. 

- Instant payouts! You wont be waiting around for your money to be paid monthly or anything like that. Sellfy pays you when someone buys your product(s). 

Then there's all the other Marketing features you'll get like; Analytics which I mentioned, Discount codes that you can create and share, SEO friendly pages optimised for search engines, ability to offer free products, create email lists, and even more...

And for security for both you and your customers, Sellfy the latest SSL encryption technology, offers limited downloads to prevent buyers from sharing your product files online by issuing unique download links with only 5 download attempts.

There is also some extra Pro features like; PDF stamping which add buyer's email address to every page of your pdf, so each customer gets a uniquely marked file. Additional currencies. PayPal Express & Stripe. And more... 

There really is a ton of features that you just need to go and read for yourself. Now you're probably thinking, 'but will this cost me anything?' No! It wont, unless you want some of the extra "Pro" features. But, the free version is more than fair and features more than most may need. It's also a great way to get your brand started. 

On the Sellfy Starter Plan, you'll pay no monthly plan fee. You can add up to 5 products. Pay a low transaction fee of 5%. Get PayPal Standard. And get Basic support. The Professional plan costs $15 per month and will get you even lower 2% transaction fee. You can upload and sell an Unlimited amount of products. Plus all the extra features of; Email marketing, PDF stamping, PayPal Express checkout, Stripe payment gateway, Priority support, More currencies and Images in product description. There is even a bigger Publisher plan. 

I use Sellfy, have a long time. That's why I am recommend it to you! I've never had any issues with the service. Never had any complaints from buyers. It just works great. If you're looking for a online solution to sell your products - check out Sellfy


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