Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Why That 'Deep Blue' iPhone 7 Plus Just Isn't Real - Analyzing The Photos

Digital rendering of a Deep Blue iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus by Martin Hajek

One of the most interesting rumors about the next iPhone (presumably called the iPhone 7) is it's colors! There has been a rumor that Apple will add a Deep Blue color option for the iPhone 7, along side the Rose Gold, Gold, and Silver, therefore possibly replacing the Space-Gray iPhone model.

First of all, there is no way Apple would replace their top selling iPhone color, secondly, this rumor even took itself back and said that the new color is actually "Space-Black", a much darker version of the current Space-Gray. I don't know if they are colorblind or not, but I think it would be hard to mistake a blue for black/dark gray.

The second part of this rumor of the 'Deep Blue' iPhone 7, is the latest photos published not to long ago of an alleged working iPhone 7 Plus in this new color scheme by

Is it actually a real working iPhone 7 Plus, or just another mockup like the hundreds going around the web? Lets analyze the photos and find out once and for all!

If you want to see the photos in question, you can view them here: Alleged iPhone 7 Plus in Deep Blue. It is not the image above, that's a digital rendering.

In Photo 1 - we see the backside of this new alleged iPhone 7 Plus in this unusual color. I wouldn't even call it 'Deep Blue'. It's not that 'deep' at all, if you ask me. I will say, as far as mockups go, this iPhone looks pretty good. It even has the right camera flash on the back. Most others you find all have a single yellow flash. This one shows the correct dual colored flash.

Photo 4 - shows a closer image of the back of this "iPhone". I notice that the antenna lines shown here are white. Now, the blue-ish color isn't deep and is more on the light side, however, I doubt Apple would add white lines on a blue iPhone with a Black front screen.

The Dual-Camera, microphone, and camera flash do look about right. As far as we know.  I'll give them that. The Apple logo on the other hand... If you zoom into the image, you'll notice its imperfections. And it's biggest tell, the Apple logo doesn't fit flush, the aluminum case sits above the Apple logo. If you run your finger over your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6S, you'll notice just how tight the Apple logo fits onto the aluminum case. Photo 6 also shows off how the Apple logo doesn't match against the current iPhone 6S Plus.

Photo 10 and 11 - The Volume keys and Silent Switch color doesn't match. Also a clear tell that this iPhone is not real, The Lighting Port and screws are black. With white antenna lines? Jony Ive should be fired for this! There is no way that would happen. Unless this was some Frankenstein built iPhone from spare parts of other iPhone's and the black pieces are from the Space-Black iPhone 7. ...What? One could dream!

Photo 13 - Again, the Sleep/Wake button color doesn't match the rest of the iPhone! Sim card tray has some bubbling around the hole.

Photo 14 - Shows the "iPhone" running iOS 10. Photoshop? Still image? Or maybe this is a custom built iPhone, with the back changed? Also, what's with the front facing camera? it's barely visible! It actually doesn't even look to be there! Maybe it's just a bad photo? Or Apple's really made that camera stealthy.

To sum this all up, I am calling the iPhone 7 Plus in the photos linked above, fake! This is clearly a mockup and not a real iPhone 7 Plus. So what does this mean about the possibility of a Deep Blue colored iPhone? As of this point, it's unlikely to happen, at least, we have nothing but rumors to support the claim.

If you want to know what other rumors about the iPhone 7 may be real or fake, check out my previous post - iPhone 7 Rumors Roundup: What's Likely & Unlikely To Be Real.

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