Wednesday, July 6, 2016

'Pokémon GO' Available In App Store First Look and Walkthrough

Pokémon GO, the much anticipated virtual reality GPS game by Niantic, Inc. is now available to download in select countries (including; Australia and New Zealand) from the App Store and Google Play Store! U.S. Players, hang on!

Pokémon GO is the game that'll actually make you get up and move around, if you want to play. I know, doesn't really sound like their target audience, am I right? The game uses your GPS location to track your position and place certain Pokémon and other locations that you'll be familiar with from the games the TV series; like a Poké Gym or Poké Shop, around you in various nearby locations.

In the game, you'll be able to catch Pokémon, evolve Pokémon, hatch eggs, take on Gym battles, and much more...

Here is a quick first look walk-through of setting up 'Pokémon GO' for the first time! 

The first thing you'll be presented with is a sign up page! The only way you can sign up is with a Google account.

Next, the game tells you to " alert at all times." And to be aware of your surroundings. You know, because you'll never know where they'll place that rare Pokémon could be in your neighbors house, in the middle of the ocean, or some other location that you'd need to trespass on.

Then you are presented with the almighty Terms and Conditions! There is also a little check box asking permission to send you emails about the game.

After accepting the Terms and Conditions, the game introduction begins!

We meet Professor Willow, an old guy with really good hair for his age, who tells you that the world is inhabited with creatures known as Pokémon ...that only your smartphone camera can see. Professor Willow then asks you for your help in his research, but it's really more of a rhetorical question, because you can't say "no!".

Your mission; find and collect Pokémon from everywhere!

Next up, it's time to create your character! You can choose whether "your style" is either a male or female. Which is lucky, because I am one of those.

Then, it's time to customize your avatar! You can customize your skin, hair, and eye color. Then customize your clothing. While there isn't a lot of item choices, you can pick and choose from a few different color options.

Once done customizing your character, it's time to catch your first Pokémon! Professor Willow gives you your first lot of Poké Balls to help you catch one.

Right nearby, luckily there is three Pokémon to choose from. A Charmander, a Bulbasaur and the best one of course, Squirtle. The game will then ask you to give it permission to access your camera, so it can show you your surroundings through your phones screen. You can switch this off at anytime.

Now it's time to catch your first Pokémon! Just swipe the Poké Ball on the screen to your target and wait for the ball to seal the deal.

After catching the Pokémon you get a few stats.

Now, after catching a Pokémon, Professor Willow asks you something he really should of asked you a lot earlier - your name. Kind of rude, but anyway. Now you'll go through the painful process of picking a username that hasn't already be taken!

Time to Walk! The game tells you that to move your avatar, you'll need to walk / move around in the real world!

Now is the moment when you realize that this is as far as you can really go with this game, without going for a drive or a long walk...

Well that's the set up process for Pokémon GO! To play the game you will need to move around a lot! I don't know if this game would be great for kids - while it's great because it make you get up and move, it'll make them go to various locations and they'll either try alone, which you wouldn't want, or nag their parents to take them for a drive to who knows where! For adults who grew up with the original Pokémon games and TV series - you can now quit your job and travel the world to become that PokéMaster that you've always dreamed of becoming!

Have you downloaded the game, yet? Let me know what you think of Pokémon GO, in the comments!

Pokémon GO is available to download for FREE (with in-app purchases available) from the App Store.

-> Download Pokémon GO from the App Store


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