Monday, April 25, 2016

Opera Browser Adds Free VPN Service

The Opera Browser has added a free VPN (virtual private network) service, built directly into their web browser.

Currently available on the Opera Developer Build, the VPN service provided by SurfEasy Inc. creates an encrypted tunnel from the users computer directly to the VPN server at the switch of a button. 

A VPN service is also used to shield a users real IP address allowing them to bypass firewalls, enhance privacy on public Wi-Fi, and access blocked content. Eg: region blocked content. 

Opera's free VPN can currently change your IP address's location to mimic either Canada, Germany, or the United States. 

How to Enable Free VPN Service in Opera Browser (Developer Build): 

1. Download and install the Opera Browser Developer Build. Then open the browser, if it doesn't automatically open. 

2. Click "Opera Developer" in the Mac Menu bar, and then click "Preferences."

3. Under the VPN heading, check on "Enable VPN". 

4. Now open a new tab and navigate to a website.     

5. In the address bar, click the VPN button, then switch it to on. Then select the country you wish to mimic the geo-location of. 

You can read more about the Opera Browser and the addition of the VPN service, on their blog


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