Tuesday, March 15, 2016

View Your Mac's Performance Data in Notification Center

MONIT by Tildeslash is a FREE app in the Mac App Store that all Mac users should install - it's awesome.

What MONIT provides is a widget for Notification Center that shows you performance data about your Mac in a nice design - filled with heaps of infomation.

In the widget, you can see info for your Mac's; CPU, Memory, Disk, Battery, and Network. By clicking on a topic you can then drill down into even more stats and details about your system.

In CPU; you can view; CPU usage percentages in user, sys, and idle and more...

Memory; gives you stats about how much is wired, active, compressed and free. You can also view physical memory, memory used, and more...

Disk; provides you with quick access to hard-drive stats, and how much is used and free.

Battery; view stats about how much time you have remaining on current charge. You can view your Mac's batteries Health percentage and the condition, age, cycle count, temperature, voltage, amperage, and capacity.

In Network; you can view your Mac's and Internet's download and upload speeds, IP address, Wi-Fi name, and total uploaded and downloaded figures.  

MONIT is a cool tool for Mac users. A great way to quickly view performance stats about your Mac - recommend for all users. And did I mention - it's free!

-> View MONIT on the Mac App Store.


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