Friday, March 18, 2016

Twitter Switches On New 'Best Tweets First' Algorithmic Timeline

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When it was announced, there was a out-roar from angry Twitter users who claimed that the new algorithmic timeline would be the end of Twitter. At first, the option was launch as an opt-in feature - but now, it seems that Twitter has switched on the new "best Tweets first" timeline for all users.

'Best Tweets first', is the Tweets that Twitter believes that you will care about the most and would likely engage with. When you login or open the app, these 'best Tweets' will be shown at the top of your timeline feed regardless of when they were posted.

For more detailed information about Twitter's timeline, click here.

How To Switch Off The New "Show me the best Tweets first" Algorithmic Timeline:

on iOS:

1. On your profile tab, tap the settings gear icon and select "Settings."

2. Select the account you want to change.

3. Under Timeline, tap "Timeline personalization."

4. Switch off "Show me the best Tweets first".

On Desktop / Laptop:

1. On the Twitter navigation bar, click your profile image, then select "Settings."

2. On The Account Settings page, scroll down to the Timeline under the Content heading.

3. Uncheck, "Show me the best Tweets first", then click "Save changes" and re-enter your password.


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