Wednesday, March 16, 2016

I Side With Apple and Team Apple T-Shirts - Show Your Support For Security and Privacy!

The debate over encryption, right to privacy and security is a tricky one. On one hand - of course we all want our personal details, bank information, passwords, and other important and personal data kept safe and away from hackers. But we also want to stop the bad guys. But lowering our own security cannot be the way to do so. 

Whether it's on a phone, computer, or on one of Apple's apps, a third-party made app, to an app made in another country - if bad guys want to use encryption, they'll find a way. And creating 'a key for under the doormat' is only going to make technology more unsafe for the everyday person.   

If you side with Apple on this debate and want to show your support - check out these #iSideWithApple and #TeamApple t-shirts and hoodies available to buy now. 


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