Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Best Ad-blocking Extension for Google Chrome or Firefox

Ads are annoying. Everyone hates them and for good reason. A lot of websites mistreat ads, they place them everywhere, they are intrusive, and often flashing, and telling you that you've won a price that you really haven't. And ads can even contain malware! There has been many cases where adware (or worse) has snuck into advertisement, even on major websites.  

Many people know of AdBlock Plus, but there's another great extension that may be even better!

uBlock Origin (unrelated to by gorhill; the founder and original author of uBlock, is a efficient ad blocker that is easy on your computers CPU and memory resources.

With all ready over 3 million users on Google Chrome, uBlock Origin is easy to use and comes pre-packed with the best filters including: EasyList, Peter Lowe’s Ad server list, EasyPrivacy and known Malware domains.

When compared to ABP, you can view a efficiency comparison, here.

uBlock Origin is free and open source with public license (GPLv3).

Wanna know more about uBlock Origin? Check out this podcast with security expert, Steve Gibson from TWiT.TV (about 1:21:50 into episode).

> View and Download uBlock Origin for Google Chrome

> View and Download uBlock Origin for Mozilla Firefox


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