Friday, January 8, 2016

Fix Apple Watch Digital Touch Taps & Drawings Not Sending

Image credit: Apple, Inc.
The one time (in a long time) that I actually used the Digital Touch feature on the Apple Watch to send a few taps and a drawing and the other person didn't receive any of them. Thanks Apple. It can be so frustrating when a feature of a device doesn't work how it should. There does seem to be a simple fix that should work for many - however - what good is that really?! Because you won't know that your device is failing until someone tells you. Anyway, if you have noticed that your Apple Watch Digital taps and drawing haven't seemed to be sending, try this quick fix:

Open the 'Settings' app on your iPhone > then scroll down to and tap 'Messages' > then toggle off 'iMessage' > then switch 'iMessage' back on (after a few seconds). The re-activation of iMessage seems to fix the problem and then may even send all your recent failed digital touch messages through.

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