Monday, November 16, 2015

How To Transfer Videos To or From Your Mac To Your iPhone or iPad

Got videos on your Mac that you want to transfer to your iPhone? Or videos from your iPhone (or iPad) that you want to transfer to your Mac? It's actually very simple to do.

You could connect your iOS device via the Lightning Cable to your Mac computer and use iTunes or Apple's Photos app, but an even better and easier (cordless) way is to use AirDrop.  

To transfer videos via AirDrop and use them on the built-in iOS Photos app  -  you'll need the videos to be .mov, .mp4 or .m4v files.  If you are unsure what file type your video is, on your Mac, check the end of the file name or if it doesn't show, Control + Click and select Get Info. Anything that writes H.264, MPEG-4 or QuickTime should be fine.  

First, make sure you have AirDrop switched on: On iOS, slide up the Control Center panel, tap AirDrop and select either Everyone or Contacts Only (if you have your contact info added). On Mac, open Finder, tap AirDrop on the sidebar, then click "Allow me to be discovered by:" and select again, Everyone or Contacts Only. 

From Mac to iPhone or iPad, all your need to do is select and drag the file in Finder, hover over AirDrop - wait for AirDrop to find your iOS device and then hover-over and release and accept the file transfer on your iOS device, if prompted. 

From iPhone/iPad to Mac, find and select the video in your Camera Roll. Tap the Share button (square with up-pointing arrow) - and wait for your Mac device to be found and show in the AirDrop section - then tap your device and wait for the file to transfer.


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