Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How To Manage Notifications On Apple Watch

Notifications on your wrist can be very helpful. It's convenient to get the information you need at just a raise of a wrist. But notifications when set up wrong can be anything but useful - they can be annoying! Which is why it's important to take the time to properly set up the Notification settings for your iPhone and Apple Watch.

The type of useful notifications are the things that give you important time relevant information - like; messages, reminders, calendar alerts, phone calls, possibly fitness alerts (if you are really into that) and maybe some social media alerts - like messaging apps.

To adjust Notification settings for your Apple Watch, you'll need to open the 'Apple Watch' app on your iPhone.

Make sure you are on the 'My Watch' page, then tap 'Notifications'. The Apple Watch is normally set to mirror notifications from your iPhone, but if you let slide a lot of notifications (specially from unimportant third-party apps) on your iPhone - you may want to redefine what you let through to your wrist.

The Notification settings are divided into Apple apps and third-party-apps. Now just simply go through the list of all your apps and decide whether or not you want that apps notifications to alert you on your Apple Watch.

The other important thing to know is - how to mute notifications. For when you don't want distractions - like when you are in a important meeting, at the cinemas, or maybe on a date - you should put your Apple Watch in Do Not Disturb mode.

To activate Do Not Disturb mode, from your watch face, slide up from the bottom of the screen. On the 'Settings' glance pane, tap the Crescent Moon button - this will switch on Do Not Disturb mode. The settings for Do Not Disturb will mirror your iPhone. You can set repeat calls to alert you or your favorites list. To adjust those settings, go to 'Settings > Do Not Disturb' on your iPhone.  


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