Sunday, November 1, 2015

Best TV Guide iOS App For Australia - OzTV

UPDATE (July 6th 2016): Unfortunately, OzTV is no longer available... 

Australian's, the TV guide and 'second-screen' iOS app, Beamly, (previously known as Zeebox) is shutting down after being purchased by beauty products company, Coty, Inc.

In my opinion, Beamly, started out as a great TV Guide, but overtime got to complex with adding too many social and news elements to the app. So, the good news is, if what you wanted was a simple television guide app for your iPhone or iPad, then I know of a great, award-winning app which I think would be a great replacement. 

OzTV - TV Guide for Australia by OzTv Apps Pty Ltd, is optimized for iPhone and iPad, and even includes support for the Apple Watch.

OzTV features; a  7 Day Free-To-Air Guide. Rich Show Information with images and descriptions. Reminders - you can set alerts to remind you before a show begins. Favorites - star TV shows as your favorites and keep track with their own TV guide list and highlights on the main guide. View upcoming episodes, quick access to info on Wikipedia/IMDB.

You can also search for shows, see what others are watching with a top show list, check-ins, popular and friends sections. Also OzTV features a great and easy to use interface. And more... For a full feature list, check out it's App Store page.

If I was to nitpick with the app - it doesn't update the schedule live, like some TV guides on actual televisions - so if a program is running late - it wont show the updated schedule time. There's no option to set only alerts for new episodes of TV Shows - so if you want a weekly alert of new episodes of a show playing, you'll need to manually set this. But those are small things - more wishful thinking.

OzTV - TV Guide for Australia is FREE to download for iOS devices from the App Store.

> View OzTV on the App Store


  1. Replies
    1. Yep, I saw that... Which is really unfortunate, because it was a really good TV Guide app for Australians. I'll see if I can find a good replacement.

  2. RIP OZ TV. I would have cheerfully PAID for that app. Not one of the AU TV guide apps available now is worth downloading. Still looking, still using the online ones.

  3. There is one app that's pretty good. It's nowhere near as good as OzTV was, but the Foxtel Guide app does the job if all you really want is to check what's on. You can even favorite the free to air channels and view only those if you don't have cable TV.


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