Monday, October 5, 2015

Shooty Skies - New Flying Game From Developers of Crossy Road

From two of three of the developers that brought you Crossy Road, comes a new game to become your next addiction; Shooty Skies - Endless Arcade Flyer By Mighty Games. 

Shooty Skies shares a lot of similarities to Crossy Road in terms of game graphics, set up, and amount of collectable / playable characters. 

Shooty Skies is a endless flying game where you control a character and plane, shooting down enemies. The game features a heap of characters to unlock from the prize machine. Wacky enemies like; flying arcade machines, laptops, robots, owls, a big mouth, video of a cat on a computer screen, and a lot more.

You control your character by dragging around your finger on the screen, with an auto fire attacking the enemies. There is also temporary (2 hour) weapon upgrades that you can gain by watching an advertisement. 

Like with most flyer games, the hardest part of Shooty Skies is dodging all the projectiles. 

Shooty Skies is free to download and play (with in-app purchases available) for iOS devices.  



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