Sunday, October 18, 2015

iOS 9: Siri Contacts, Apps & News Suggestions & How to Switch Them Off

New in iOS 9 is a new page on your home-screen. By swiping to the right, users now have a new Search, Siri contacts and app suggestions and recommended news.

With Spotlight Search, you can search for pretty much anything! Search can now scan through your whole iPhone, apps, and you can even search the web.

Siri Suggestions offers users shortcuts to contacts and apps that Siri thinks you may want to access at that time of the day. Siri looks for habits, so it can better assist you and become precognitive. For example if you open Facebook every morning around the same time, Siri may notice this and offer the Facebook app to you as a suggestion at that same time the next day.

Then there is News. Siri can also now suggest news articles that it thinks you'd like to read. Clicking a news article will open it up in the new iOS News app. In the News app, you can customize the content to the topics (and news sources) that you like to read about.

These new shortcuts like accessing apps, contacts, and even reading and catching up on the news may be more convenient for users, but I can see that maybe not everyone would like it. Suggestions for apps or contacts might be useful, but having news on your iPhone home screen can make your iPhone seem a little less personal. If you'd like to keep the news in the app, unfortunately you can't just switch off news. You have to either switch off all Siri Suggestions or leave them all on. If you switch off Siri Suggestions, the new page will still stay on your iPhone, however it will only contain Search.

If you don't like seeing news on the new Siri Suggestions page, you can switch it off, along with Siri Contacts and App suggestions by accessing:

1. Settings.
2. General.
3. Spotlight Search
4. And then switching off 'Siri Suggestions'.


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