Sunday, October 11, 2015

How To Record Your iPhone or iPad Screen - iOS 9 / OS X Tip

If you have a Mac, Apple's program Quicktime makes it easy for you to record your iPhone or iPad's screen. The recorded file will be a MOV file with the resolution of your iPhone / iPad's screen and in the rotating that you recorded in.

1. To record your iPhone or iPad's screen, connect your device via the lightning cable to your Mac computer.

2. Open the app, Quicktime on the Mac.

3. On the Mac menu bar for Quicktime, click; 'File' then 'New Movie Recording'.

4. Next to the record button, click the downwards arrow.

5. Select under heading 'Camera' your connected iPhone or iPad device.

6. You cannot record sound directly from your iOS device, however, you can choose to record sound using your iOS device or your Mac under the 'Microphone' heading.

7. Press the record button when you are ready to begin, and then then stop when you want to stop recording. You can then save your recording by clicking 'File' then 'Save'.


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