Saturday, October 31, 2015

5 Awesome Halloween Apps for iPhone & iPad!

Make A Zombie 2 
by Skunk Brothers GmbH

Mix and match items to create your very own custom zombie! All up, around 150 different pieces that come with the app for free to choose from to create your zombie.

There is also a in-app store where you can buy additional items to create your zombie. The packs include: Meme Pack, Christmas Pack, Halloween Pack, Action Pack, and Pet Pack.

Make A Zombie 2 is FREE (features in-app purchases) to download, available for iOS (iPhone / iPad / iPod touch) devices from the Apple App Store.  

Halloween Spooky Sound Box Free 
By Cookie Balloon.

A free Halloween soundboard app in my opinion, features 50 awesome spooky sound fx's including; Monster Roar, Freddy, Raven, Chainsaw, Bell Toll, Screams, Ghosts, Werewolf, "Get Out!", Wolf Howl, Zombies, Clown Laugh, Owl, Heartbeat, Witch, and many more.  

Paid version of the Halloween Spooky Sound Box app features 96+ sounds.

This halloween iOS app is filled with great education games for young preschool and kindergarten kids. Games included in this halloween app are: Pumpkin Maker, Tracing Letters, First Words, Memory Games, and Coloring Book.

The Impossible Test Halloween edition is a problem solving app featuring 30 unique Halloween questions that'll take hundreds of steps!

Sky Whale 
by Nickelodeon

In this game, control a Narwhal and keep it in the air by bouncing off items in the sky.

Features crazy collectable power-up items that flout in the sky or under the water to help your Narwhal. The game has recently received a Halloween themed makeover.


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