Monday, September 28, 2015

New in iOS 9: Zoom In Videos, Take Photo While Recording & Change Frame Rate

A new feature added in iOS 9 is the ability to zoom in on videos! Now with any video that you have recorded into your Camera Roll, you can zoom in simply by using 'pinch and zoom'. You can also pan around in the zoomed in video. 

Another new feature added in iOS 9 is the ability to take a photo while recording video. As you are recording a video you'll see another White button on the screen. Tap the white capture button to take a photo while filming. The photo taken isn't as good as a photo that is taken in the normal photo mode, but the resolution is 2720x1532, which is higher than the 1080p of the HD video.

Also new in iOS 9 for your camera - higher HD frame rate. There is a new option to enable 60 frames per second HD video recording, a bump up from the 30fps in iOS 8. Changing the frame rate to 60fps will give you much nicer and smoother motion in your videos. You'll need to enable this in Settings. Go to: Settings > Photo & Camera > under 'Camera' heading, "Record Video" > and select "1080p HD at 60 fps" for the best quality (unless you have a iPhone 6s, then '4K' for the highest picture quality). Remember, higher quality means that it'll use up more space on your iOS device.  


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