Thursday, September 24, 2015

First Look at 'The Angry Birds Movie' [Video Trailer]

Angry Birds, the worlds most popular smartphone app (probably), with millions of users, across multiple Angry Birds games - from Angry Birds, to Angry Birds 2, the Star Wars edition, the Transformers one, the one in go-karts, the spin-off Stella game, Angry Birds Fight, and Angry Birds Epic, to name a few. And the next epic thing from Angry Birds? The Angry Birds Movie!

Finally want to know why the birds are so angry?? Watch the teaser trailer for your first look at The Angry Birds Movie -the hilarious 3D adventure coming May 2016 - Sony Pictures Entertainment

The Angry Birds Movie [IMDb Link] is coming in May 2016 and today, Sony Pictures Entertainment has released a first look trailer of the movie - and it actually looks pretty funny! Check it out, above. 


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