Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Apple Watch 'watchOS 2' Is Here! So What's New?

It's so exciting, watchOS 2 for Apple Watch was released by Apple yesterday!  ...So... what's different? 

Well even though the number in the name is "2", it's really more of a 1.1. These are really all the features that should of been released in watchOS 1, but i guess they weren't ready. 

This watchOS update mostly adds a lot of little additions and upgrades.  

Here is some of the new features and changes to check out on your upgraded Apple Watch:

- New Colors options on Watch faces, including 'multicolor' for Modular face. 

- Support for apps to run natively on the Watch. 

- New Photo watch face.

- New Time-Lapse watch face.

- Third-party watch complications.  

- Add more default replies.

- You can now use multiple colors in Sketches.

- Option to keep the screen on longer when screen tapped. 

- Time-travel back or forward by turning the digital crown on watch face to see past or upcoming events or weather, etc. 

- Nightstand mode when Apple Watch is charging. 

- Apps now have ability to access features like Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, accelerometer, heart rate sensor, speaker and microphone. 

- Reply to emails.

- Add friends to circle directly on watch. You can also create more than one circle group.

- Public transport information on watch.

- Siri has been upgraded. You can now ask Siri to activate things like a specific workout, or to look up a word, or activate a glance.

- Activation Lock! Your Apple Watch is now locked to your iCloud Apple ID and password.   

- Activity Move ring now tracks in kilojoules instead of calories. 

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