Sunday, August 30, 2015

'Sage Solitaire' A New Solitaire With The Hands of Poker - iOS Games

'Sage Solitaire' by Zach Gage, is a new kind of solitaire for your iPhone or iPad. It combines elements of the classic single player game with the combinations of Poker. Laid out in a grid like fashion, 'Sage Solitaire', has been made specifically to be played on your iOS smartphone or tablet device.

In three rows of three piles of cards, kind of like in Solitaire fashion more cards on the first pile and two on the last. However the way you deduct cards (for points) in 'Sage Solitaire' is a little different than the classic solitaire. This game uses a similar to Poker style 'Hand list' of combinations that you can make with the cards.

The highest card combination is a Straight Flush, for example; 2,3,4,5,6 of the same suit, worth 150 points, to the lowest, Pair (2,2) worth only 10 points. There's a couple of differences to the 'Hand List' from Poker, like there is no Two Pair, and you can make a 3 Card Straight.

Once you choose your best combination you then "cash in" the cards for points. If you can't make any combination, you can 'trash' a card, however you have a limit of how many trashes you can use. The only other catch, you must use cards from at least two different rows. The game keeps going and you keep making card combinations until you run out of cards, or you run out of possible moves.

'Sage Solitaire' is a great modern version, or upgrade, to the old solitaire classic. It's combines the elements of Poker and playing on your own, nicely. It's also a great quick game to play while you are waiting or just wanting to pass a little time. But be warned, if you start playing, you might not want to put the game down! Download, if you like games like Threes, Poker, and Solitaire.  

'Sage Solitaire' is free to download and comes with one free mode, which by the way, is great even just on it's own. The full version unlocks (for $2.99USD) two more modes (Double Deck & Fifteens Mode), GameCenter leaderboards, statistics, wallpapers and card backs, and different themes.

-> 'Sage Solitaire' is a FREE download for iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad) devices, from the iTunes App Store

Now, back to trying to beat my highest score!

Sage Solitaire - Game Trailer:

Sage Solitaire from zach gage on Vimeo.


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