Saturday, August 22, 2015

'Pac-Man 256' Now Available to Download on iOS and Android

'Crossy Road' developers, Hipster Whale, has teamed up with BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment to make a new game, 'Pac-Man 256', a endless maze game.

'Pac-Man 256' is inspired by the level 256 in the original game, which due to bad code, glitches.

'Pac-Man 256' borrows a lot of similarities from the 'Crossy Road' game. Including similar graphics, coin system, sounds, and interface.

In this new reinvented and imagined game, 'Pac-Man 256', features an endless maze, 15 power-ups; including: Laser, Tornado, Freeze, Giant, and more. And, The Glitch, that distorts the maze behind you, forcing you to keep moving forward.

The new version keeps all the similarities of the original games, like the iconic maze (now on a slant), the white pellets, cherries, and fruits, Pac-Man himself, and also the old frustration of trying to outmaneuver The Ghosts!

As the game is free to play, users are given Credits to play, that recharge overtime. Users can also purchase more credits through in-app purchases - using real money. There is also the option to buy unlimited credits. And there is also a 'free play' mode that doesn't include the new power-ups.

The game also features Coins, that users earn by playing or by watching advertisements. Coins in the game are used to upgrade your power-ups.

'Pac-Man 256' is now available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store.  


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