Friday, August 14, 2015

How To Stop Your iPad & Mac Ringing When You Get A Call on Your iPhone

In iOS 8, Apple added some new features called Continuity and Handoff that allows the users to leave off on one device and pick up where you left off, on another. Part of these features is the ability to answer iPhone calls on other iOS devices, like your iPad or Mac.  

Having all your Apple devices ringing at the same time can be useful, like if you're on your iPad and your iPhone is in another room - but it can also be overwhelming, especially when all the devices are next to you. 

If you decide you do not want your iPad or Mac to ring when your iPhone gets a call, follow these steps to disable the feature:

How To Stop Your iPad and Mac Ringing When You Get A Call on Your iPhone


1. Open the Settings app. 

2. Select FaceTime

3. On the option, iPhone Cellular Calls, switch the toggle to OFF


1. Open the FaceTime app. 

2. From the Menu Bar, click FaceTime, then Preferences.  

3. On the option, iPhone Cellular Calls, un-tick (or make sure it's not ticked) the selection box.   


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