Monday, August 10, 2015

Gold & Black iPhone 6S & iPad Air 3: Would You Buy One? [POLL]

Black/Gold iPhone and iPad Mock-up.
Space-Gray / Black, White / Silver, and White / Gold - those are the color options for the latest iPhone and iPad's. But there might be one more color option that Apple should add: Black and Gold.

The Gold colored iPhone's and iPad's have turned out to be a popular item. But some don't like that white glass front. The black screen looks better in my opinion, as it really makes the other colors and the content on the screen pop a lot more. So wouldn't it be nice to have the rich looking gold and the black glass front? (Have a look at the quickly made mockup above, for an idea of how it would look).

Apple has now even added the three color options to their latest MacBook. And the Gold MacBook has the black keys and black glass on the screen - so would it make sense to have a Black and Gold iPhone and iPad? Would you prefer the black and gold color option?

Have your say and vote in the poll below!


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