Tuesday, August 11, 2015

12 Best Apps For Apple Watch: Essential Apps To Install [Part 2]

Part two of my best essential apps for Apple Watch picks. View Part 1 here.

By AgileBits Inc.
1Password is a great, if not the best, password manager. It keeps all your passwords secure and protected by one master password. On the Apple Watch, you can select certain logins that you want quick access to.

Hooks - Alerts and Notifications for Everything
By Oleg Kozynenko
If you like notifications, then you should download Hooks! With Hooks you can get alerts sent to you on a wide range of topics that you can customize. For example you can be notified about topics like: Sports, Music concerts, TV Shows, Lottery Numbers, AMBER alerts, Earthquakes, Stocks, Social Media, Weather, and a lot more.

Coyomi - Monthly Calendar
By Flask LLP
Frustrated that you can only see one month in Calendar on the Apple Watch? Coyomi understands and is a calendar for your Apple Watch and Today Widget on your iPhone. There's a heap of colors to choose from, and on Apple Watch you can view up to 12 months.

By eBay Inc.
eBay on your Apple Watch gives you access to Activity, items you're Watching, Buying, Selling, and your revenue. And of course has Notifications to keep you up-to-date.

By XE.com Inc.
Not everyone probably checks what their money is worth to other countries on a regular (probably even a weekly) basis. But if you're one the people who do or need to, XE Currency has you covered and makes it easy to do so, even on your Apple Watch.  

By Shazam Entertainment Ltd.
Shazam, the music identifying app that works like magic, is a bit disappointing at the moment on the Apple Watch, because it actually still listens through your iPhone. But this might change with watchOS 2, which will give more abilities to apps, like access to the microphone. WatchOS 2 is coming sometime this Spring. 

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