Friday, July 10, 2015

Watch 'Heroes Reborn' Prequel Series 'Dark Matters' Exclusively On New iOS App

NBC's Heroes is coming back to television! Reborn into a new show, set in the world five years after Claire Bennet exposed her abilities to the world.

Before 'Heroes Reborn' premieres this September 24 on NBC, you can learn about this brave new world, in a new iOS App, where you can watch the prequel series, "Dark Matters", which will feature exclusively in the App.

Features of the new Heroes Reborn app are:

- Watch mode: watch clips and share them.

- Watch the prequel series, "Dark Matters".

- Use Airplay to view video on your TV via Apple TV.

- Explore mode: catch up on previous Heroes stories, iconic scenes, or follow the narrative of individual characters.

As far as I know, the Heroes Reborn app is only available in the United States, at the moment. If the app is also available in your country, leave us a comment! It is also only available on iOS, leaving Android users out in the cold.

-> Download the new 'Heroes Reborn' App from the iOS App Store.


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