Saturday, July 25, 2015

Watch 360 Degree Videos On Your Mobile With Google's New App

A new app from Google brings you the latest advances in mobile technology; 360° spherical story telling.

'Google Spotlight Stories', brings engineers and critically-acclaimed filmmakers together to create 3D and 2D, 360 degree cinema-quality video with sound sphere audio, and sensor fusion techniques.

Using the accelerometers on your iPhone, you can enter into the world of the story with the ability to look around in any direction.

At the moment, Google Spotlight Stories movie theater features 4 stories; Help (free for a limited time), Duet, Buggy Night, and Windy Day.

'Help' directed by Justin Lin, is the first live-action Spotlight Story. In the middle of downtown Los Angeles a unexpected meteor shower hits the streets of Chinatown. The next unfolding events sees a young women trying desperately to escape.

While the 360 degree video is cool, you can look anywhere and see the whole place as if you're really there, I don't know if it's really great for story telling. Most of the time you're just moving around trying to follow with the story - because the story is moving. It can actually be quite dizzying.

So, cool technology, definitely check it out, but I don't think I'm sold on the idea. I'd still prefer to watch movies on a TV or in a normal cinema - without all the twisting and turning.

-> Google Spotlight Stories is free to download, available from the iTunes App Store.


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