Sunday, July 19, 2015

Play Stephen Colbert's New Story Game 'Escape From The Man-Sized Cabinet'

Stephen Colbert still has a couple of months to go until The Late Show With Stephen Colbert begins on September 8th 2015 on CBS. In the meantime, Stephen and his team has been keeping busy with all the plaining of the studio, the show, and other fun material for fans like; Podcasts, web videos, an App, and more.

The latest from Stephen Colbert is a new choose-your-own-adventure style story game titled, "Escape From The Man-Sized Cabinet."

Stephen Colbert jokes in a 'press release' on the Late Show website:
“It’s no wonder people love Escape from the Man-Sized Cabinet so much. It’s the world’s greatest Stephen Colbert simulator… unless my whole life is some kind of elaborate Matrix-like virtual reality.” 
Escape From The Man-Sized Cabinet is a text based story game with some cartoon images. The story begins with Stephen getting trapped inside a man-sided cabinet, like the title suggests. It's then up to the player to choose from different options as to what Stephen will do next and how the adventure will unfold. However, while there are different options to choose from - you'll end up picking the option the game wants you too in order to progress in the story.

All Colbert fans (and everybody else) should definitely check out the story game on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert website.


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