Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Official TWiT App Currently Free To Download - iPhone / iPad

The TWiT and TWiTpad (iPad version) app by ShiftKey Software is currently on sale and is FREE to download for iOS devices, down from the previous price of USD$0.99.

The apps made by ShiftKey Software are known as the official and original apps made for the TWiT.TV Netcast website.

TWiT, if you don't know, is a web podcast website that offers many technology themed shows - live and on-demand - for free.

With the app, users can stream live video. Watch previously recorded shows. AirPlay shows. Stream to any Bluetooth device. Live chat. View the TWIT real-time calendar. And more...

In my opinion of the app, I felt that the user interface wasn't that great or polished. It looks very lazily put together. Like an old 90's webpage. I also experienced an app crash while trying to load video. In the iPhone version of the app I tested, shows aren't even presented nicely - they're just listed. until you choose a show.

I'd still recommend using the TWiT.TV website, or a podcast app.

You can download the TWiT and TWiTpad apps by ShiftKey Software from the iTunes App Store.


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