Friday, July 10, 2015

How To Fix A Malfunctioning Apple Watch

Is your Apple Watch experiencing some bugs, or is just not seeming to function quite right? The Apple Watch is still a new product, and it's likely that it may experience some software glitches occasionally. All computers seem too.

With a malfunctioning Apple Watch, your best bet is to switch it off and back on again with what's known as a Hard Reset. Note: this is not the same as restoring your Apple Watch. 

To Hard Reset your Apple Watch: 

- Hold down the Digital Crown Button and the Second Button together, until the watch powers off and the Apple logo appears on screen.

If this doesn't fix the problem you were experiencing, you may need to try and Restore your Apple Watch (see here for more details). If this fails as well, maybe it's time to visit the Apple Geniuses.


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