Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Power Rangers Dash - Level Up B-Grade To A-Grade Ranger - iOS / Android Game Tip

Wondering if it's possible to level-up a B-Grade Ranger to and A-Grade Ranger in iOS and Android game, Power Rangers Dash? Yes! You can. As you may or may not know - if you upgrade a C-Grade Power Ranger to Level 10, they'll become a B-Grade Ranger. It's a little different to become a A-Grade.

To upgrade a B-Grade to A-Grade Ranger, you'll need to upgrade your Ranger to Level 15 (the max level for a B-grade). Then you have the option to "Grade Up". Grading your Ranger up will cost you 10 G-Coins. Then, your new A-Grade Power Ranger will become a Level 0. Leveling up to Level 1 may downgrade your Rangers DMG and/or the SPD stats.    

Power Rangers Dash is available on iOS and Android devices, as a FREE download, with in-app purchases available. Read a previous view of the Power Rangers Dash game, here

Download the Power Rangers Dash game from your devices App Store: 
Power Rangers Dash (iOS App Store)
> Power Rangers Dash (Android Google Play Store)


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