Thursday, June 11, 2015

How To Stop Apple TV Remote From Controlling Your Mac

Apple TV Remote | Apple Inc.
Ever been using your Mac and an Apple TV at the same time, in the same room, and noticed that the remote was controlling your Mac? Opening iTunes and playing music, or turning the volume up or down... Well, that's because Mac's come with the Infrared Reception receiver switched on by default. It's convenient because it allows you to use any IR device that can work with a Mac without needing to set it up - but bad because it can cause unwanted control of your computer. Luckily the solution is simple.

How To Switch Off Infrared Reception on Mac / 
Prevent unwanted control from Apple TV Remote:

1. Click the 'Apple menu' then "System Preferences" (or the "System Preferences" app from your dock).

2. Click "Security & Privacy", and then "General."

3. Click the lock in the bottom corner and enter your password.

4. Tick “Disable remote control infrared receiver.”

(Or) If you want your Mac to work with specify remote, instead of switching off infrared receiver, click "Pair" - and follow the instructions to link your Mac to the remote.


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