Tuesday, June 2, 2015

How To Remove Google Chrome Apps From Mac Launchpad

When you install certain Google Chrome programs/extensions, Google may install app shortcuts to Launchpad on your Mac.

These app shortcuts may be helpful for quick access - but can also be annoying, as you may not like them there as they are not real programs.  These shortcuts can also seem hard to remove, as holding down the Option key doesn't bring up the little 'x' remove button. 

But you can remove the app shortcuts without having to remove the program! 

To Remove Google Chrome Apps From Mac Launchpad... 

1. From the Mac menu bar, tap 'Go". 

2. Then click 'Go to folder...'

3. Enter: ~/Applications/Chrome Apps.localized 

4. Send the apps you want to remove the shortcut of, to the Trash. You may need to also empty the Trash before the icon disappears.


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