Thursday, June 18, 2015

Gold RPM Ranger - Flying Ability - Power Rangers Dash - iOS / Android Game Tip

In the iOS and Android game, Power Rangers Dash, the Gold RPM Ranger (a.k.a. Operator Gold) has the special ability of 'Flying'! Cool, right?! Well, if you can't quite figure out why you can't get your Ranger to fly - it's because he doesn't actually fly - he actually glides down, slowly to the ground. Kind of misleading, but anyway - here's how to 'glide' with RPM Gold:

To glide with RPM Gold, simply tap the 'Jump' button 2 times and then a 3rd time - but on the 3rd, hold the button down. When you release the 'Jump' button or press 'Attack' - your team will fall back to the ground.

Power Rangers Dash is available on iOS and Android devices, as a FREE download, with in-app purchases available. Read a previous view of the Power Rangers Dash game, here

Download the Power Rangers Dash game from your devices App Store: 
Power Rangers Dash (iOS App Store)
> Power Rangers Dash (Android Google Play Store)


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