Thursday, June 25, 2015

Angry Birds Fight! Bug / Cheat Allows You To Win Almost Everytime!

Angry Birds Fight! Is the latest Angry Birds game from Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Fight! is a match-3 game with battling action!

Angry Birds Fight! Can feel a little unfair at times. As the game is free to download, the in-app purchase of gems are what you really need to get all the really cool and powerful accessories to win the battles - especially when the game pairs you up against a much higher level player.

There is a way that you can almost guarantee that you win every fight. It may be a bug or maybe it's a feature - but until it's fixed or changed, it's a great little hack that requires no extra software, code changes, or anything like that.

Angry Birds Fight! - The 'Offline' Bug / Cheat

While playing Angry Birds Fight! I often noticed other players going 'offline' mid-game. I thought, are they quitting? Is the game dropping out for them? Or do so many people really have that bad internet connection? Then I versed a player that I was a higher level than. I noticed that player quickly went offline at the beginning of the game. And that's when the idea came to me - what if you go offline on purpose? What will happen? Will the game cut you off? Or will you continue to play?

I tried out my theory. I started the game, got paired up then quickly pulled up the Control Center menu on my iPhone and switched off my Wi-Fi connection (I also have the game set to not use cellular data). After a few seconds, the offline writing appeared on my side of the screen and the game continued - all without any effects from the other player. The game ended and before the fight animation, I switched Wi-Fi back on again. (This is important to do before the fight ends or you will get a network error). My opponents shield score was low (what seemed like a base number determined by their level). I played the game well enough and had a higher shield. The game played out and I won! I tried this a few other times, and as long as I matched enough to get a decent attack and shield score, I always won.

One side-effect of using this bug/hack/cheat is that you don't seem to get any extra bonus points at the end of the game, like for winning a Chance Battle. I was always only awarded 3 points to the stage.

Whether this is a bug or not in the Angry Birds Fight! game. For now - it's a great cheat to use - to win the fight!


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