Saturday, May 16, 2015

Colored Snake Puzzle Game 'Quetzalcoatl' iOS App Review

Quetzalcoatl by 1Button SARL, is Apple's 'App of the Week' - which means for you, it's currently free to download! (At time of publish).

If you love brain challenging puzzle games, then you'd want to try out this game! Quetzalcoatl is a puzzle game where you move around these colored 'snakes' to match the right colored square in the grid.

The puzzles start out pretty straight forward. Just drag the snakes from one of its ends around the grid and place it on the right colors squares. Levels change it up with different problems to solves with new game elements as you progress through the game. As you'd except, the puzzles also get more challenging and complex.

The graphics and U.I (user interface) are simple, but look and function great.

Puzzles are divided into levels and in 'Worlds'. There are currently 12 Worlds containing 15 different puzzles in each (180 puzzles). Worlds advance in difficulty from Normal to Ultimate.

If you get stuck on a level and give up, you can use keys, which can be bought in packs of 10, through an in-app purchase.

You can download Quetzalcoatl right now for free (at time of publish) - saving of USD$1.99 - from the App Store for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

-> View Quetzalcoatl in the App Store.

Quetzalcoatl Game Play Video (via


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