Monday, April 20, 2015

Power Rangers Dash for iOS - Collect & Upgrade 50+ Rangers & Battle Monsters!

Power Rangers Dash is a new video game for iOS and Android developed by Movegames Co. Ltd, Korea. The game is a side-scrolling runner game where users collect and upgrade Rangers to form their all-star team of three Power Rangers, to battle the monsters.

This is a endless runner game. Your team of three Rangers will run through a side-scrolling level with new bad guys (not from the TV Show). There are four buttons on the screen. A jump, attack, switch front Ranger button, and a specialty button.

There are over 50 Power Rangers in the game (currently). Rangers come in C, B, and A grades. A, being the highest (upgradeable). There is also a S group, which are Special / Sixth Ranges from the teams. You can also unlock non-sixth Rangers as S-grade Rangers. The S-grade Rangers are typical stronger the A-grade.

Ranger teams included in the game are: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Power Rangers Wild Force, Power Rangers S.P.D, Power Rangers Mystic Force, Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Power Rangers R.P.M, Power Rangers Samurai, and Power Rangers Dino Charge.

When first beginning the game you are given the chance to choose which Ranger team you want to start with. You'll be given three Rangers from your chosen team.

The game also features bonus Megazord battles every 7 game-plays, where you tap left and right punches as fast as you can to gain bonus E-Coins and other special abilities.

Rangers can be upgraded. There are 10 levels in each grade group. A-grade is the highest, not including the sixth - S grade - Rangers.

To gain new Rangers, you'll need to buy them using either E-coins (the in game currency, the rarer G-coins that you can buy using real money, or Power Points which are collected by playing the game. Rangers are given out randomly, so there is no way to choose the Ranger you want. You'll also get A LOT of doubles and C-grade Rangers that are not even worth keeping or putting the coins in to upgrade as it'll cost you a lot - and you'll end up selling them.

There is a limited number of Ranger slots. So you can not collect every Ranger in every grade. Should not be to much of an issue as you'll probably end up selling or upgrading all the grade C and B Rangers. You can buy more slots to store Rangers for 20,000 E-coins.

Other than Ranger and Megazord avatars, it's not much of a Power Rangers game. The game looks like it's a generic runner game with Power Ranger' images thrown on top. There is not much to connect the game to the TV Show.

Due to the lack of random level stages, the game levels feel very repetitive. You are also starting from the same stage, and if you don't last to higher stages, you're always playing the same ones over and over.

Playing requires stamina. You have 5 to play with. When you lose a level, you lose one of your stamina bars. Stamina recharges over time.

Playing this game to me - on a graph - starts out high and then plummets. At first you're excited to play and collect the different Rangers. Then the excitement starts to fade very quickly as you find out how hard it becomes to earn coins. The repetitiveness of the levels. The repeat Rangers you are given after spending that 2,000 E-coins that you spent so many levels trying to earn...

I rather stages be random, then always starting with the same one over and over. Or even better, have more of a level structure that keeps the game moving forward and changing slightly, then just playing the same thing over and over and over...

Cheaper upgrade and new Ranger prices, would also be great. And no more duplicate Rangers! Honestly it sucks. You keep getting awarded the same low grade C Rangers what seems like all the time. A, B, and S are rare to get. There needs to be a better way. And at least a way to choose which Ranger you want to buy - even if that means a higher price than the 2,000 E-coins.

I personally would also like to see more Ranger teams added to the game. Maybe; Dino Thunder, Zeo, In Space, Time Force, Megaforce... just to name a few.

All in all, I felt Power Rangers Dash is a fun game - that gets old really fast. It could of been so much better, but it isn't. The game has potential, but I feel was made wrong. You're overwhelmed with the cost of upgrading and getting new Rangers and it takes away from any fun of playing levels.

Power Rangers Dash Game Trailer:

Power Rangers Dash is designed for both iPhone and iPad - free, with in-app purchases.
-> Download Power Rangers Dash now from the App Store


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    1. Cool, thanks for the tip! If anyone is wondering, "Arcadego" will get you 100,000 e-coins, 20 G-coins and SPD Pink.


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