Friday, April 10, 2015

My First Impressions of the Apple Watch After Seeing Them in Store

My First Impressions of the Apple Watch after seeing and trying them on in store:

- The Apple Watch is smaller than you probably think it is. Even the 42mm is kind of small.

- An averaged sized guy should definitely get the 42mm Apple Watch. Even on small wrists, the 42mm Apple Watch seems like a good size.

- It's really rounded. And doesn't feel very thick or chunky at all.

- The Stainless Steel Apple Watch weight was noticeable that it's on your wrist - but not heavy at all. It seemed very light.

- Sorry to say guys, but the Apple Watch with the Milanese Loop to me felt & looked kind of girly.

- The Magnets felt strong on the Loop bands.

- Force touch actually requires force! It's not like a long tap, you need to apply pressure.

- Digital Crown was very smooth to spin, but not loose.

- Leather Loop had a plastic-y feel. Kind of like an expensive brand leather.  However, it felt very comfortable.

- The Sport Band feels really smooth.

- Retina screen look great for the size.

- The Space Black Apple Watch appears more like a dark gray (or gunmetal gray) color under lights. It does not appear as dark as shown on the Apple website. However, different lighting makes the Watch appear either lighter or darker.

- The Space Gray Apple Watch Sport is darker than the iPhone 6's Space Gray color, however it's not as dark as some pictures show. Again, lighting plays a factor.

- There is a small learning curve to work out what to tap and swipe and when to press. But it should not take very long to learn.

- Overall, the Apple Watch felt like a really nice, elegant, almost fragile like, fashion piece - and tech gadget, that can feel and look a little petite on some people's wrist.


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