Sunday, April 26, 2015

How Easy Is It To Damage An Apple Watch? Find Out With These Videos!

With the Apple Watch now in the hands of the public and not just celebrities and Apple employees, it's only natural that the first thing people would do is see how far they can push their Apple Watch, until it breaks ...right?

For most of us, we may think that's crazy! Why ruin a perfectly good Apple Watch?! Some people haven't even received theirs yet (or can't afford them) and others are destroying theirs?! Well, it's at least for science - sort of. And I guess, better they wreck their Apple Watch - then you wreck yours.

So to see how bad you can treat an Apple Watch without breaking it - here are some hand-picked videos of people pushing their Apple Watch to find it's limits.

And by the way - I do not recommend anyone try anything like in these videos, themselves - unless of course you want to wreck your Apple Watch and have to buy a new one.

The Water Test:

First up, how long can you place an Apple Watch under water for? Can you shower with it? Or go swimming? YouTube channel, FoneFox - puts the Apple Watch Sport to the test to see just how waterproof it really is, with some surprising results - Check it out! And again, please don't attempt this yourself - unless you want to risk damaging your Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Waterproof Test | By FoneFox

Kitchen Nightmare Test! 

Next up, a kitchen nightmare for the Apple Watch. CNET decides to put the Apple Watch through a worse case scenario in the Kitchen by grating it, dropping it in a pot of water, pouring wine and sauces over it, taking a knife to it, boiling it, and eventually putting the poor Apple Watch out of it's misery by dropping a heavy pot on it. Watch how the Apple Watch faired in the video:  
We destroyed the Apple Watch | CNET

The Drop Test! 

The dreaded drop test video that makes you cringe a little while watching. Will the Apple Watch survive a fall? Will their be visible damage? YouTube channel, TechRax tests out the Apple Watch Sport and from the preview picture, I think they break it? Watch to see what it took to shatter the screen. 

Blue Apple Watch Sport 42mm Drop Test! | TechRax

And since there is also a Apple Watch with a sapphire screen, for comparison - here is the link to a YouTube video by DarGadgetZ who drops the stainless steel Apple Watch. And as you might guess, the sapphire holds up a lot better - a big reason for that extra premium price over the Apple Watch Sport.

In conclusion, you can wash your hands with the Apple Watch on, get it in some rain without worrying to much (depending on your band). But as with most tech gadgets - it's a good idea to not drop your Apple Watch, so maybe make sure you hold it over something soft when you place it on and take it off your wrist.


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