Friday, April 10, 2015

Facebook iOS Tip: How To Disable Auto-Playing Videos

*Update: Click to view new updated tip on how to switch off Facebook auto-playing videos on iOS.

A recent update to the Facebook iOS app for iPhone and iPad makes videos play automatically. To save data on videos you may not even want to watch - you can switch off or adjust this auto-playing setting. 

Facebook iOS Tip: How To Disable Auto-Playing Videos

1. First, tap the 'More' tap button in the Facebook app.

2. Next, scroll down the list - find and tap 'Settings'.

3. Then tap, 'Videos and Photos'.

4. Now tap, 'Auto-play'.

5. Now you have a few options to choose and customize from;

- Smart Auto-play: uses Cellular and Wi-Fi: data, optimized depending on your devices conditions.
- Use Cellular Data and Wi-Fi.
- Use Wi-Fi Only.
- Or, Never Play Videos Automatically. - This is the setting you want if you never want videos to auto-play.


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