Thursday, April 9, 2015

Apple Watch Reviews Round-Up (Videos & Text)

Apple Watch reviews... Apple Watch reviews, everywhere! We are just over a day until the Apple Watch pre-orders begin (on Friday April 10th at 12:01 a.m. PDT) and all the reviews with real hand-on experience with the Apple Watch has hit the internet.

I, like other regular customers, have to wait until the release day, April 24th, to get my hands on a Apple Watch to review. But for many lucky journalist in the media - they have been given a Apple Watch review unit to test out and give their opinions to you the readers.

Now there are many different Apple Watch reviews all over the internet, probably almost every major tech site will have a review up if not already - very soon. I have search and found many different and good reviews - and by good I mean the quality of review - not so much opinions of the Apple Watch. To save you all some time, I have put together a list of text and video reviews of the Apple Watch from various tech sites.

I'll most likely update this list with more reviews are they show up, so check back at a later time if you want to read more.

Apple Watch review: it’s finally here (The Verge)

Apple Watch Review A DAY IN THE LIFE (The Verge)

Review: A Week With the Apple Watch (Bloomberg Business)

Apple Watch: hands on review (The Telegraph)

BT Exclusive: Apple Watch Review (CityTV)

Apple Watch: What Living With It Is Really Like (WSJ)

My First Week With the Apple Watch (Techpinions)


Apple Watch Review: Bliss, but Only After a Steep Learning Curve (NY Times)

Apple Watch Review: The Smartwatch Finally Makes Sense (WSJ)

Apple Watch review: A beautiful, bold watch, with complications (CNET)

Apple Watch Review: You’ll Want One, but You Don’t Need One (Bloomberg)

The Apple Watch: Half Computer, Half Jewelry, Mostly Magical (Yahoo)

The Apple Watch (Daring Fireball)


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