Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Apple Watch Power Saving Tip: Switch Off 'Activate On Wrist Raise'

Hey readers, here is a quick power saving tip for new Apple Watch users. (Note: tip has not been scientifically tested).

The Apple Watch has a feature to activate the screen whenever you raise your wrist - or flicking your wrist seem to work too.  While this is a great hands-free way to see the time, you may notice that even small movements or raising your arm for other purposes that you may not intend to activate the Apple Watch screen - can switch it on. If you add up all that time the screen was unnecessarily on - it could end up being a few percent of your battery.

By switching off the 'Activate On Wrist Raise' setting, the screen will remain off until you need it. And you may even save some battery life! You can always activate the display when you want to by simply tapping the screen once or pressing the Digital Crown Home button.

How To Switch Off Activate On Wrist Raise:

1. Open 'Settings' app on Apple Watch.

2. Tap 'General'.

3. Tap 'Activate On Wrist Raise'.

4. Switch off 'Wrist Raise'.


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